Saturday, October 29, 2011

Costumes and Cocoa Vino

Apologies for the slowness of my posting lately. I have been working mad hard on my Halloween costume. No hints!
Gingham shirt - J. Crew, Black sweater - J. Crew, Jeans - Gap, Boots - Luxury Rebel
Casual Friday! Thank goodness because this week has been ridiculously busy.
I've been staying up late but waking up early to get everything done, so I'm wiped.
Weekend plans: Carolina homecoming game, outdoor art exhibit?, and finishing up my costume (still no hints!). But first started out with:
Not bad actually!
My coworkers and I have been curious about this chocolate wine, so I finally tried it. The alcohol taste is strong in this one, folks. It was the weirdest mix of Ack! and Mmm.

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