Saturday, October 29, 2011


First of all, I lied about the cold front and the boots; those came into play Friday, not Thursday. Thursday got weirdly warm as the day went on (ahhh, why can't I stay on top of the weather?).
Leather jacket (for the cold morning) - Michael Kors, Two necklaces - Target, Shirt - J. Crew, High-waisted, pleated pants - J. Crew, Heels - Missoni for Target
Second, can you believe I found this shirt and these pants on the second to last day of the J. Crew warehouse sale, the point where everything had been picked through so, so much? These pants are one of my favorite things from the sale, and I only found them when Sister and I were slowly approaching the registers to finally pay after many hours of searching. I 100% love them, which is so weird because they're both high-waisted and pleated, which sounds terrible but apparently I am a slave to fashion who can be convinced of anything looking good.
Plus, I instantly love any pants that don't need to be hemmed.
I also could not believe this neutral cotton shirt with simple flower details had not been picked up yet. And I tried so, so hard to give it to Sister, who decided it was too plain. I could not just throw it back in a box.
What other new thing did I sneak into this outfit?
These Missoni for Target heels.
Present from Husband. How perfect are they?
Speaking of Husband, I think he was expecting to hate this outfit but he ended up surprisingly loving it. The pants reminded him of the 80s, his favorite decade.


  1. Yay again for the J Crew Warehouse Sale! I've been wearing my J crew stuff too!

  2. Still can't believe you didn't snap up this shirt! I want to see how you're wearing all of your stuff too!

  3. Shirt looks better on you anyway. I would have never thought to combine with those pants. I'm wearing that J Crew business dress you found for me and cardigan right now! Big budget meeting with big boss means I'm dressed to impress so don't question me on my numbers!

  4. Yay for impressive clothes! Hope your meeting went well!