Saturday, October 15, 2011

First verse

I didn't check the weather in Minneapolis both because of laziness and because I didn't expect that I would get to even leave my hotel (room, conference, dinner meeting were all there). So I just threw on a leather jacket and snood, which I have found in most weather situations, will get you far.
Leather jacket - Michael Kors, Snood - Primark, Blue shirt - Pac Sun, Belt (not visible) - Target, Jeans - Hudson, Boots - Jeffrey Campbell
After traveling, I did some setting up for the conference, and got changed for dinner.
Top - Nordstrom Rack, Pencil skirt - J. Crew, Heels - Target
Normally I would never mix black shoes with a navy top, but I could not put any more effort into packing. There are times I spend hours packing, but for this one night trip, after such a crazy busy week, I couldn't bother.
I felt okay about it, though. Sometimes you have to sacrifice perfection for sanity. And a smaller suitcase.
I was so happy this outfit worked out. I wasn't sure if the cut of the top would work out with the skirt, but the colors went so nicely together.
Blue-green plants mixed in with little red dogs.


  1. i need a cute leather short jacket like that, add that to the list of boots

  2. It's from Nordstrom Rack! There are lots of cute fake leather jackets elsewhere too.