Sunday, October 23, 2011

The sale to end them all

On Saturday, Sister and I went out early to the J.Crew warehouse sale, where we got sucked into five hours of rummaging through boxes of everything from belts to wedding dresses (and we could have stayed longer). We maybe only went through 1/25 of the store, but both managed to walk out with tons of clothes. It was one of the best shopping experiences of my life.
Top - Primark, White tank top (underneath) - Target, Leggings - Express, Boots - Luxury Rebel (Edit: After nearly a week of having this posted, I just realized how incredibly wonky my eye looks in this pic. I am neither a model nor a photographer. Apparently I am also not a very good blogger, as I'm pretty sure most of them only post incredibly flattering pics of themselves. From me you get wonky eyes.)
Most of the ladies there were dressed in some variation of my outfit, in order to easily try on all clothes without a dressing room. I actually also had on my black Cardi Uggs, because those are so easy to slip on and off, but changed later in the day (but continued to essentially not wear pants by keeping on these leggings). I scored: two dresses (one casual, one fancy), two pants (slim black, high-waisted and pleated! olive), one pair of leggings (for Child, not too many kid options and only khaki pants for men), two silk sleeveless tops, two short-sleeve tops (one cotton, one cashmere!), one gingham button-down, one turtleneck, two sweaters, three cardigans, one vest, and one poncho!
Another essential when power-shopping? A good crossbody bag, one that isn't too heavy or bulky.
So, yes, I realize this completely blows my shopping ban. But this was obviously a gigantic exception, and now I really, really don't need to shop for...ever. After this amazing victory, I joined Husband and Child at the mall, where I did not shop at all (obviously), then later to a fun birthday party for Sister!
Leather jacket - Michael Kors, Fish purse - Present, from Japan
Another amazing thing that happened? I managed to do a crown braid. I know--yesterday was basically perfect.


  1. That was the longest but happiest 5 hours of my life! Glad to have shared it with you!

  2. It was a great day! We'll definitely have to go to the next one!