Friday, October 21, 2011

Special shirts for special girls

Another special birthday.
I decided with the cooler weather to wear some serious fall colors. Also I wanted to wear my Martin+Osa shirt that I love so much because I was gifting the birthday girl with a M+O shirt that I bought way before they closed!
Long sleeve shirt - Martin+Osa, Skirt - Anthropologie, Socks - Target, Boots - Frye
The pink and orange of the skirt echo some of the colors on my bag.
Purse - tokidoki for LeSportsac
And I went for a French braid that wrapped to the side--I've improved on my French braids a lot!
Happy birthday to yet another special person in my life! We had a lot of fun celebrating with dinner and a delicious cake.
Mmm...can't wait until my own birthday!


  1. Thanks girl! Thanks for my gift, it was a wonderful b-day and I feel so lucky to be around so many awesome people that wanted to make it special. Love my birthday top!

  2. Yay! So glad you had a good day! That's what birthdays are for!