Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spot the orange

So this outfit worked with my bag a little bit better in my head.
Navy cardigan - Gap Outlet, Orange polka dot blouse - Banana Republic, Dress - Gap Outlet, Navy belt - Primark, Purse - tokidoki for LeSportsac, Boots - Frye
This purse has touches of orange, but the inside lining is completely so, which was the color in my head when I put together this outfit. can't see the inside of my purse, can you?
Also the darker blue was a bit heavy.
But the outfit without the purse worked well!
I loved mixing the polka dot pattern of my blouse with this dress.


  1. That's ok, the outfit itself with the dress was challenging enough, but the big belt and polka dot blouse underneath totally work!

  2. Thanks! It's definitely a difficult purse to match things with, so I do feel better about the outfit at least working!