Friday, October 21, 2011

Not always a challenge

Husband sat down with the camera and said, "So is this a Black Thing, or did you just want to wear black?"
Headband - Missoni for Target, Necklace - Nordstrom, Black long sleeve shirt - Target, Vest - American Eagle, Black jeans - Gap, Boots - Uggs
I had no idea what this meant. "Black," I answered stupidly.
"That in no way answers my question," he pointed out.
This was true.
"I...don't understand what you're asking," I finally said.
"Is this, like, that thing you do? With the outfits where you wear certain things?"
"Oh! The Bloggers Do It Better challenges!" Isn't that sweet that he realizes what the heck I'm doing with my wardrobe? But..."No, I just felt like wearing black."
And with the purse of course! Purse - tokidoki for LeSportsac


  1. You are totally rocking it! Your blog is amazing. Way to go girl! XOXO

  2. HAHA, love the husband story, he is def more in synch with this fashion stuff than the majority of guys.

  3. Thanks, ladies! Alina, you need to update your blog so I can keep up with your life! (Or just email me, whatever.)

    Husband is definitely more into fashion than other men. It's one of our favorite things to bond over.