Sunday, October 16, 2011

Second verse, same as the first

For my morning of work in Minneapolis, I pulled out the No. 2 pencil skirt again.
Blouse - Express, Patent leather belt - Primark, Pencil skirt - J. Crew, Heels - Target
Honest to goodness, when I bought this skirt in this color, I thought it would work great for color blocking and obviously a white button-down, but I didn't realize it would go so well with some patterned tops I already own. It was a pleasant surprise when I was quickly packing.
It's not a perfect match, but the blues and greens were close enough to play off the skirt.
Working at conferences, it's always best to have layers.
Black cardigan - Banana Republic (Christmas present from last year)
Then for the trip home, I also only just changed my shirt from the previous day's traveling outfit.
Snood - Primark, Purple shirt - Pac Sun, White tank underneath - Target, Belt - Target, Jeans - Hudson, Boots - Jeffrey Campbell
It was nice just to do an overnight trip! I'm so used to taking 3 or 4 night trips, and I know my next one in November will be a 5-nighter.


  1. That pencil skirt is the perfect color! Love it

  2. Thanks! Too bad we didn't find anything like it at the warehouse sale!