Saturday, October 1, 2011

Extra-large kid

I want to introduce you to the second most needed thing for my fall wardrobe: this blazer.
Striped blazer - Nordstrom, Prince T-shirt - from his last concert, Bracelet - stall in Honolulu, Blue watch - Michele Watches, Skinny jeans - 7 for All Mankind, Gray boots - Vince Camuto
I saw this blazer in Nordstrom's Anniversary catalog on a kid and thought, I need that blazer, kid's or not, warned Husband we had to hunt around in the kid's department for an extra-large, and squealed with happiness when I saw it and it fit. Okay, truthfully, I wouldn't mind having a teensy bit more room in the shoulders, but this blazer has some stretch to it so it works out.

Who is that peeking out from underneath?
Raspberry Beret was playing on the radio while I drove to work :)
A rockin' shirt needs rockin' shoes.
I'm drooling remembering how comfortable these were to wear.
I haven't craved casual Fridays in a while because my office is usually pretty casual anyway, but oh boy, it really felt good after a hard week of work to just throw up my hair in a messy bun, pull on the jeans, and go for a professional but fun look with this striped blazer.

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