Sunday, October 2, 2011

#1 Nordstrom fall purchase

So what was my #1 absolute needed thing for fall (yesterday I wore my #2...and then wore it again today)? These boots.
Striped blazer - Nordstrom, Striped top - Forever 21, Necklace - American Eagle, Bracelet - Stall in Honolulu, Blue watch - Michele Watches, Black silky shorts - Express, Boots - Luxury Rebel
How perfect are they? Flat and comfy; zip-up; little bit of extra room which will be great for thick socks or skinny jeans; gray flap down to give it a little extra personality...Wow, they really require a close-up, which I did not take. Promise I'll take more pics of just them eventually.
Without blazer shot.
I adore this slouchy shirt, and I maintain that this is why Forever 21 is still worth a visit sometimes.
Speaking of Forever 21, maybe Husband and I went to the mall today....
Child's birthday is coming up, so we had a trot around our second favorite area mall. I did a pretty good job focusing on buying stuff for her...but I did almost buy this skirt:
Husband pretty much dragged me out of Forever 21, shaking his head with disappointment.
But he's not completely cruel. He seemed happy for me when I found two leopard print belts at dELiA*s (I know--I go into some completely random stores) for just 10 bucks each (they were $40-$50 everywhere else)! I tried to push them into his hands to buy them for me as "presents" but he refused to play that game (what? He was happy to play when it was Missoni for Target). He instead took a picture of me as I signed the credit card slip as evidence of how weak I am. Sigh.
Still, baby steps.
I went a whole month, though, not buying anything for myself! And when I finally gave in, it was just 20 bucks. For two belts! That's like nothing really. Practically free. And now I won't buy anything for the rest of October.


  1. I LOVE the boots! I've seen you were this short before and also loved it then. U look so cool and cute with this outfit. Don't listen to husband, remember how he spends his money!

  2. Thanks, I love these boots too! Your comment got me so hyped, I'm practically jumping up and down in my chair. I've accumulated a weird amount of "formal" shorts; I'll have to wear the others and get your opinion.