Saturday, October 8, 2011

Blue and white

Today was a beautiful, perfect weather day with Carolina blue skies.
We played Louisville, and oh no, I almost wore red pants to the game. I had to change at the very last second, but it was fine because my other pants went with my boots better.
Hat - Present from Husband, White T-shirt - Michaels, Blue striped tank - American Eagle, Cargo skinnies - American Eagle, Boots - Jeffrey Campbell
The game was crazy--both teams slow to score, tons of penalties, but whew, Carolina pulled it off.
Scarf - Primark
And luckily it was a noon game, so I got home in plenty of time to finish carving pumpkins. Tomorrow I'm decorating the house for Halloween!
This is one of two new pumpkins (they're fake, best thing since sliced bread) joining tons of others.

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