Sunday, October 30, 2011

Homecoming 2011

So I finally went to a Carolina Homecoming game. They did a great job of hyping it up to my graduating class since it's been five years. I had to wear my class shirt, and could not wear anything over it. It was very, very cold so that meant layers!
Flannel shirt (underneath) - H&M, Blue long-sleeved shirt - Carolina, Crossbody bag - Present, from Japan, Pink belt - American Eagle, Jeans - True Religion, Blue boots - Frye
I thought I had blue accessories in the form of a hat, scarf, and gloves...then I realized because I never wore them, I gave them away. Sigh. While I definitely believe in donating things you really never, ever wear, I do pretty much eventually wear everything, so I was surprised when I couldn't find these things in my closet. I decided to just go with pink, purple, and gray then, and ended up finding a great accessory once at the game:
I couldn't walk around with Ramses the whole time, but it seriously made my day. And cold, cold night.
Hat - Nordstrom (Present from Husband), Fifi Lapin scarf - Charlotte Russe Outlet, Black gloves - Target
Oh! Can't forget to show you my shirt.
Loved seeing the alumni turn out, especially the marching band's ultra-energetic old drum major who helped at halftime.
Finally, we crushed Wake Forest--49 to 24. Great game!


  1. Awesome game! I love that you got a pic with the sheep!

  2. He's so cute! It was a great game--just freezing cold!