Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Extra petite belts

The other day I discovered Extra Petite, a fabulous blog, which included a video on belts. It was perfect because I've been thinking that I really needed to punch some holes in a couple of belts, including my recently purchased leopard belt. Apparently when the label said XS-S, they meant for a giant.
Hole punching success after a trip to Michael's!
I immediately had to incorporate the belt into an outfit, and decided to go with another find from the J.Crew warehouse sale.
Silk blouse - J.Crew, Cardigan - Pac Sun, Leopard belt (with new holes!) - dEliA*s, Jeans - Express, Wedges - Target
I know what you're thinking--Michelle, shut up about the J.Crew warehouse sale. But I'm not even done debuting my stuff from that day.
I swear, even I'm sick of saying, "J.Crew warehouse sale". Kind of. I'm slightly triumphant still.
Every time I think I'm done with everything, I see something else peeking out from a string of hangers of planned outfits. I should just find everything that's left and put it all together in a Frankenstein of an outfit.
Not related to anything I've said here, but I think I look like my mom in this pic.


  1. haha you do look like mom in that pic!

  2. Haha, thanks for confirming. I felt kind of crazy, but I just kept looking at it and feeling like, That is not even me anymore.