Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wendy's Lookbook scarves

I recently discovered Wendy's Lookbook, and I adore her videos. 25 ways to wear a scarf in 4.5 minutes is especially fun, and should be watched if you have even one scarf and 4.5 minutes! Today I decided to play off the Boa look with my beloved pashmina shawl.
Pashmina - Nordstrom, Blazer - Nordstrom (from the kids' section!), Striped cami - Gap, via Sister's closet, Dress - J.Crew, Belt - Lacoste, Bracelets - One, Present from Husband, Two, from stand in Honolulu, Booties - Nine West
I kept it loose and left the ends out. It was not only a fun and warm way to wear my shawl, but it also took a whole lot of fabric and condensed it well. So often I do the European loop or basic loop, which can overtake the outfit sometimes.
And we can't have that happening when I love so much the rest of the parts of my outfit.
Today I went back to last week's two day theme of LBDs worn at work because I realized that I had a black dress hidden in my closet from the J.Crew warehouse sale.
I know, when will the madness end, right? Probably never. After this round, another sale will happen.
Also, I successfully did the fun bun (again). Why was I ever having problems with it?
Oh, apparently I still need to work on piling it higher on my head.
Every time I see pictures from the beauty department when I'm linking to that darn tutorial (this is probably the 10,000th time), I think, Ah, man, it's still a little off. Okay, fine, but I'm nearly there.


  1. I still need to watch Wendy's video, my friend has been raving about it. That blue pashmina is so beautiful up by your face, it makes your features glow! I can't believe you picked up that adorable blazer in the kids dept., it's so adorable. Beautiful outfit today!

  2. The video is amazing! It makes me wonder about how much time went into making it. Trust me, you'll think the same when you watch it.

    Thanks so much for the compliments. Teal is one of my favorite colors (the color is supposed to be universally appealing on everybody). And I also love my kid's blazer! Especially love paying less prices for something as trendy as a striped blazer.

  3. Still need to watch this video. That blue looks great with the black! I couldn't even tell this was the J Crew dress you picked up, looks so different the way you have it styled!

  4. Thanks! I noticed when I tried it on that it needed to be pulled up a bit at the shoulders because it looked just the tiniest bit too big in the back and bust. I tried to distract with the blazer, belt, and scarf.

    And, yes, definitely watch the video!