Thursday, November 17, 2011


So I was going to bring a super fun date night post to ABCD...then Husband and I canceled our plans because I was sick and had to get over it pronto before traveling for work. Sigh. I have no pictures of my outfit from the day because I was relaxing and waiting for the night.
But look! I got a haircut!
You can barely see my new haircut because it's covered by Present, but also, yay, Present! Thanks to my friends and family for the warm wishes, cakes of all sorts, very thoughtful presents, and spending time with me (even with scary germs hanging around).

And if you are curious, I wore a black bebe Hawaii-version shirt, green cargo skinnies, and black boots. Very low-key birthday.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Too bad you weren't feeling well. Can't wait to see the new haircut!

  2. Thanks! Yeah, but it was worth it getting over my cold in time for my work trip. Hurray, haircut!