Friday, November 11, 2011

KISS on Veterans Day

With it being Veterans Day, I thought it would be good to go with patriotic colors.
Red turtleneck - Express, Kiss shirt - Present from Husband, Black vest - Gap, Blue pants - J Brand, Boots - Uggs
My problem was, though, that I didn't already have an outfit planned out in patriotic colors, and I'm a bit low on red, white, and blue anyhow.
I think I usually don't buy primary colors?
I decided to go with the pants and turtleneck pretty quickly then stared into the mirror. Color blocking with primary colors? Eeeeek, not as fabulous outside of my head. I threw on the vest and boot to calm down the look.
And told myself this was fine. KISS--Keep it simple, stupid. Oh wait...
I put on the Kiss T-shirt to tie together all of the colors, and while I felt fine all day, I also thought, Ugh, red and blue are so harsh on me. Lesson learned--never color blocking with them again. It's not surprising, really. I didn't put too much thought into the color wheel. For choosing colors while color blocking, it's really helpful to think about the color wheel.


  1. great comfortable look, hard to pull off those blue pants. You look like an adorable Kiss fan

  2. These pants are harder to pull off than I originally thought they would be...I'm going to try to do greens, purples, or more blues with them next. Or orange. Going with that color wheel!