Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Stealth hockey dressing

Yesterday I wore my Fifi Lapin scarf, mainly to integrate these hot boots into my life more.
Fifi Lapin scarf - Charlotte Russe Outlet, Blue shirt - Forever 21, Dress, worn as pleated skirt - Sears?, Tights - Target, Boots - Vince Camuto
That's usually how my outfits begin, with thoughts of, I really want to wear this and that more. Then I line them up in the closet, sit on the floor, and think about colors, texture, the weather.
And who wouldn't want to build entire outfits around these boots?
Unfortunately, after so much planning, I received a call from Husband during the day saying that we were on for the hockey game. The hockey game in which I should be wearing red. Yep, didn't plan for that. So I thought, Eh, I'll let it go for the night and not sport red. Just as long as the other team's color isn't blue, I'll be fine.
Guess what color the other team was wearing? Yeah.
I zipped up my gray bomber from H&M, stuffed my shirt where it was peeking out from the bottom, and nobody was the wiser.


  1. OMG I want to the bunny fifi scarf!

  2. We'll have to search for one for you. She's so cute! I even had a guy coworker compliment it.