Thursday, November 24, 2011


I woke up this morning and got right into it with more cooking. First up, herb stuffed deviled eggs, from Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything. Then into mashed potatoes, also Bittman's recipe, until I added pureed cauliflower, garlic powder, and onion powder.
Headband (not visible here, but successfully kept my hair out of the way) - Target, Gingham shirt - J.Crew, White cami - American Eagle, Necklace - Arden B., Pink belt - American Eagle, Shorts - Uniquities, White socks - Hanes
I threw it into the slow cooker to keep it warm, put the butternut squash casserole in the oven, and prepared the sweet and sour green beans with (turkey!) bacon.
Apron - Present from In-laws, from Hawaii
Once the food was done and right before everybody arrived, I took out my headband to show off my no heat curls.
No heat curls: The bestest hair thing ever discovered.
And we all dug in!
Dad's best turkey and stuffing ever, mashed potatoes with gravy, butternut squash, green beans, cranberry sauce, deviled egg. Not pictured: roll, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, apple pie, chocolate pie, pumpkin cookies. And spinach dip, which I'm going to snack on right now.
I am ever grateful for my fantastic family. Not only are they awesome people, but we all make darn good food. Extra props from my dad waking up a 5 am to provide the best stuffing on the planet (I am no exaggerating). Also my amazing husband, who Swiffered, vacuumed, washed and dried dishes, and generally dealt with my stress.

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