Saturday, November 26, 2011

Comfy clothes and easy curls

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because you just get to hang out with family, cook a lot, and eat leftovers for days and days. No presents, no lights, no trees, no madness. Just relaxing.
Cardigan blazer - J.Crew, Dress - Libertine for Target, Cardi boots - Uggs
But the end of Thanksgiving, while there still is a lot of relaxing, brings in some of that Christmas spirit. Not with Black Friday shopping (I am opposed to that) but with Christmas decorating.
And I got a lot done today!
I normally do a little bit of decorating in the front yard, side yard, and backyard. This year I just put everything in the front yard, to make it easier on me and just to get the full effect in one space.
Tomorrow's goal: Take this no-heat curl hair to the mall for Christmas shopping.

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