Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bloggers Do It Better: The Maxi

Hurray, as soon as I said, Man, I gotta redo Neon+Neutral because there hasn't been any new BDIB challenges, a new challenge comes up! And guess what it is! Something that I just happened to buy at Express this past weekend when they had buy one get the another half off on bottoms. I have been craving these maxis for a while now, especially since I discovered how much I love maxi dresses.
Flower pin (in hair) - Nordstrom Rack, White tank - Target, Blue top - Nordstrom, Necklace - American Eagle (present from Sister), Braided zipper belt - New York & Company, Gray maxi skirt - Express, Brown wedges - Sam Edelman
And I felt just as good wearing this skirt as the dress. There's something so feminine about a maxi. I honest to goodness almost walked right into two people because I was so charmed with watching the fluttering of my dress by my feet. Where did my feet go?
Oh, there they are.
Husband raved at how pretty I looked today, which was incredibly sweet. And Child said that I looked like a princess, which was even sweeter. I think it's because of the flower in my hair.
Pretty, pretty princess flower. 
Oh, I have to introduce you to my purse because I finally changed it after...what, has it been 30 days? I get itchy for a different purse when I hit the month mark.
This is my friend, Burberry.
It would have gone a bit better if it was heavier on the browns than blacks, but overall, it's the perfect summer tote.


  1. When I first read the title of your article, I was confused, "the maxi" is she talking about a pad, lol. I did not know it was a long skirt, very cute and I do love your hair

  2. This is a beautiful outfit- I love the sheerness of the top and the flower is perfect! I also am in awe of maxis- I feel like a princess when I wear them!

  3. Like the skirt, but I'm totally in love with the blue top! The subtle stripes are adorable and the thin material looks perfect for the hot summer months. Too cute! - Katy

  4. Thanks for the compliments! I'm in love with this top too. The color is one of my favorites, I adore stripes, no matter how subtle, and I knew when I got this top a few weeks ago, it was dying to be worn with a maxi skirt.

    And yes, I have covered a lot of info so far on this blog, but haven't gone into what sorts of outfits to wear with pads, CindyWindy, haha.

  5. That belt is so, so cute!

  6. Thanks, Meagan! I'll have to get a close-up next time. It's one of my faves.