Friday, July 8, 2011

30 for 30 Summer 2011: Outfit 23

You know what is really starting to get to me with this 30 for 30? I miss my other shoes. A lot. I feel pretty much okay with my clothes. I even actually feel like this is liberating, having fewer clothes to choose from. It's gratifying knowing that I can wear the heck out of these, no matter how much they cost, no matter what color or pattern. But man oh man, I miss my shoes. Like to the point that when this is over, I feel like I will not wear any shoes from my 30 for 30 for the rest of the season.

Maybe I feel better about my clothes because there are still a lot that I haven't worn the heck out of, like my red jeans.
Blouse - Uniquities, White cami underneath - American Eagle, Belt, also underneath - Target, Red jeans - Citizens of Humanity, Strappy sandals - Jeffrey Campbell
Husband says this blog might be making me vain. This might be a true point. I've been spending far too much time practicing my close-lipped smile, debuting in the above pic.


  1. i really like this shirt, sometimes blouses esp flower patterns don't look so young and hip, but this one is great, not only because you pair it with great bottoms and accessories but also the blouse has a great shape

  2. Thanks! Yes, I love, love, love this top. It is very seriously a flowery blouse, but doesn't look dowdy or matronly at all. The shape and cut are so great and make it funky.