Sunday, July 24, 2011

But what did the Boys wear?

Saturday was a special day for me and Best Friend. Along with Husband, we went to a magical, amazing place and had tons of fun. Any guesses what this place is? Here's a hint:
That's just one of two awesome posters (the second one says, "Since 1997").
Quit playing games, you know the answer, right? As long as you love me, you'll have a guess, right? Well, that's not all I have to give.
Cue the screaming girls. Erm, women.
The NKOTBSB concert!
We had stellar seats by an aisle, which the Boys strutted down, along with their new pals.
The New Kids, still looking and sounding great!
Here are a few more outfit shots, just for you.

Check out Joe's boots. They're knee-high and pretty sweet.
First we had leather, studs, and tees for everybody to rock out.
The BSB with their guitarist, rocking out.
But then the New Kids switched to suits and hats.
This look pleased Best Friend immensely.
In response, the BSB came out in these suits.
Oooh, shiny!
After some slower songs (10,000 Promises among them), the New Kids picked up the pace again in military-inspired gear.
Donnie isn't wearing a shirt, you say? Oh, all of us were aware.
I also love Joe's face here. He's all, "Oh!! Donnie brought it!"
The BSB didn't go quite so casual.
But they could still bust a move.
There were a few more outfits, but let's wrap it up as the Boys and New Kids did.
With jerseys (and home town pride)...
Hugs...and confetti!
It was an amazing show. I honestly turned into a pre-teen girl and screamed my head off for the first few songs, jumping up and down, and being excited to see everybody so close. And I wouldn't even call myself a New Kids fan before, but I was screaming and pointing at them just as much. Whoever thought to bring these two acts together is a genius. Thanks for the awesome night, NKOTBSB, Husband, and Best Friend--it was a special concert and the best time I've had in a long time.


  1. Believe it or not I've been to a New Kids concert. My daughter Nikki was given tickets for her birthday. She was too young for me to let her go by herself. But if I hadn't gone I would have never had the joy of yelling "Back Street Boys... I love the Back Street Boys" and all of the dirty looks I got. But I have no idea what they were wearing. By the way, this is confidential, keep it under your hat.

  2. Concert looked like a lot of fun! Great seats and awesome pics, esp your funny captions, "what's that Donnie't not wearing a shirt you say." LOL

  3. Hahaha. For this concert, the BSB and NKOTB fans united. All of the ladies at the concert would have appreciated a male voice yelling about his love for the Backstreet Boys!

    It was a great concert!!