Saturday, July 23, 2011

Just call me Kim

I wasn't even going to post yesterday's (Friday's) outfit because it is not my most put-together outfit. In fact, I threw it on in about 10 seconds while running out the door. I had the day off from work, but it was full of errands, and I was late pretty much half the time. This is what I look like on those sorts of days:
Sunglasses - some random cheap-y kiosk, Scarf - Target, Shirt - Pac Sun, Belt - Target, Watch - Michele Watches, Khaki green shorts - Uniquities, Wedges - Franco Sarto
But I decided to post this for two reasons. I wanted to say that when I started this blog a few months ago, I never intended to post every outfit everyday. Some days I skipped for good reasons--long, busy days that didn't leave room for taking pictures, let alone posting them. But since this blog is new, all of my outfits are never before shared, so I've been sharing them all. And the 30 for 30 challenge also had me taking pics almost everyday. I don't know--I might keep taking pictures everyday, but I wanted to relieve some of the pressure by just warning you: If I don't post a picture, it's because my outfit isn't that exciting. It probably just looks like this:
Which isn't bad, but it's not that exciting now, is it? Who knows, I might still post them for continuity's sake.
My second reason for posting yesterday's pictures, though not that exciting, is because...well, see if you can figure it out.
See it yet?
That is some heavy make-up going on! But maybe you still haven't spotted what I was so excited about yesterday.
Fake lashes are so exciting.
I read somewhere that Kim Kardashian (I seriously first accidentally wrote that as "Kardassian") wears fake lashes everyday. That might not be true anymore because maybe she treats them with Latisse now, but um, I can kind of see why she likes to have the super long lashes. I felt super feminine all day and completely entranced Husband.

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  1. Was it hard putting the eyelashes on? Super cute outfit by the wear, you always looked good in short shorts.