Wednesday, July 13, 2011

30 for 30 Summer 2011: Outfit 26

I love this cardigan. It's from a time when I think Express had better quality, and it's such a fun, bright color.
Cardigan - Express, Cream cami - don't know anymore, Skirt - Anthropologie, Strappy wedges - Jeffrey Campbell
You desperately need fun, bright colors when it's super hot and you have meetings all day, and basically just feel like wilting. What do you also need? To put up your hair. In a somewhat severe bun.
And when the day is over, go to the gym and sweat it all out. Then cozy up with a husband to watch Pretty Little Liars. Wait, I'm sorry, maybe you don't need that. But I definitely do. That is the best worst show of my lifetime. To the point where I'm starting to think that it's actually not so bad, and maybe it's just legitimately good. And some of those clothes are inspirational, my friends. Watch it for the clothes, if nothing else. Like how much do we love this striped skirt that Aria wore on the first episode of season two?


  1. 30 for 30 is almost over, I like this ensemble, you look so perky and sweet

  2. Thanks! I like looking perky and sweet when I walk into meetings, then slaying them with my awesome and unexpected work skills.

  3. LOL, actually in one of my "slaying" moments I have been called "evil dragon lady"

  4. Really?! I want somebody to call me that! Were they joking? How awesome if they were serious.