Thursday, July 28, 2011


Yesterday I spent a good amount of the morning prepping to do milk braids. Somehow I couldn't get a good part going in the back, so I brushed and brushed and brushed, then threw in some cornstarch to sop up some of the oiliness, then I thought, Ah, just leave it straight.
Disaster. And I forgot to put on lipstick.
It's amazing what a quick swipe of lipstick and pulled back hair can do for you.
Blue shirt - Forever 21, Skirt - Anthropologie, Wedges - Jeffrey Campbell
Ignore the angle of these photos. My legs don't look that stumpy in this skirt. It could stand to be hemmed slightly, but it's riiiiight at/above the knee, as seen in these pictures, not below like how it looked yesterday.
There's also a black tank top underneath this blue shirt.
These pictures are also deceiving because after picture-taking, my shirt kept shimmying down and making me look super cleavage-y. And the black tank I put under my blue shirt to prevent an overly-cleavage-y look (and to pull up some of the black of the skirt to my top half) also shimmied down. So I basically felt inappropriate at work all day. Sorry, boss!

I feel like this entire post has been some sort of disclaimer. To sum up: I need to figure out my hair and lipstick situation at all times, I am not that stumpy, I don't mean to be overly cleavage-y ever at work.

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