Sunday, July 24, 2011

NKOTBSB hangover

It's a bit of a downer that we can't all go to the NKOTBSB concert everyday. I woke up very excited and replaying the concert in my head, but then you feel a bit like, What do I do now? I didn't feel as depressed as I did after last summer's BSB concert, which made me feel a bit like, When will I ever see you again? This one was a much bigger production (more high energy, more dancing, bigger stadium, pyro even!) and being surrounded by all of those fans made me feel kind of like, You know what? It isn't over for them. They'll keep doing their thing because we all love them still.

And now I'm done being cheesy (thank goodness, you all breathe a sigh of relief). Let's move on to happy, bright clothes!
Blouse - Express, White tank underneath - Target, White watch - Michele Watches, White shorts - Gap, Espadrilles - Me Too
I picked up this shirt on a whim. It was on sale and I was drawn to the colors--a mix of red, pink, and purple.


  1. I'm looking for white pants like this, looks great against your tan

  2. I think I got these last summer? They're fun because they're a bit dressier than regular shorts.