Sunday, July 31, 2011

You're so colorful!

With the 30 for 30 over and the summer wrapping up, I had a look around my closet for things that I absolutely have to wear before the summer is over. Sure, some (most?) of these things can be remixed into fall and winter outfits, but they should also be worn as they were meant to be, as summer clothes.
Orange coral headband - Nordstrom, White cami (underneath) - American Eagle, Colorful stripe tank - Nordstrom, Jeans - True Religion (Husband found), Brown wedges - Sam Edelman
No lie--all day, with almost every person I had any sort of interaction with, I heard this, "You're so colorful today!" It started to make me twitchy. Finally I nearly jumped on some poor, unsuspecting person and was like, "Yeah? You got a problem with it?!" And they quietly mumbled that they thought I looked nice. Oh. Well. Thanks.
Work appropriate version: Yellow cardigan - Gap Outlet
Thank goodness I didn't wear my green wedges with this as originally planned. The dark brown wedges look too dark, in my opinion, but the green wedges would have elicited many more comments.

By the way, it has to be said, that I normally don't like True Religion jeans. They're normally not flattering on me, and their styles I usually find to be a bit on the tacky side. But I like these! They're more much understated than say, two giant, bright pink horseshoes on my butt.
Do we agree on True Religion jeans (in general and in this instance)?