Sunday, July 17, 2011

30 for 30 Summer 2011: Outfit 29

Not much to report, outfit-wise, from Saturday. I rewore my yellow dress from outfit 18, with some different accessories and hairstyle, but I didn't bother to take a picture. What super awesome thing did happen on Saturday, though? I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II, and can report that it was really good! Probably the best in the whole franchise. Alan Rickman is pretty much my favorite actor in the world right now. I definitely cried a couple of times, especially with Snape's final scenes. I don't want to say much else, so as not to ruin it for anybody, but definitely go watch it.

I can also report that the Nordstrom fall boot selection is...good. Not as good as last year, but good. Maybe I got a few pairs. But they are definitely very different than what I currently have, and I feel happy with my selections. I might have to take pictures and share them, especially since fall seems really far away right now....

So today. I watched a YouTube tutorial on milk braids and made my first attempt. They weren't perfect, but I was happy with them. And guess what? Not so hard to do.
Rooney T-shirt - from their last concert in the area, Belt - Target, Red jeans - Citizens of Humanity, Strappy sandals - Jeffrey Campbell
Husband and Child both very sweetly told me that I looked like a goddess, and then, some Italian instinct kicked in, and Husband made sauce with meatballs and sausage for lunch. With all of those good feelings flowing, and since I didn't have to make dinner last night either (great curry, Mom!), I felt energized to clean bathrooms, vacuum, do laundry, and make two lasagnas that got thrown into the freezer.
Goddess? Domestic goddess!
I settled in to watch the Law and Order: SVU, B.D. Wong marathon (I love B.D. Wong) but got distracted because the Women's World Cup heated up. Who was I rooting for? may not be red and white, but that is a sun on my shirt.
Hurray, Japan! You ladies are awesome!
Look, I would have been happy if the U.S. had won, but I knew from my screams when Japan first scored and last scored who my heart was really with.


  1. Yay Japan!! cute hairstyle, you'll need to teach me it

  2. I LOVE your red jeans, they are such a beautiful color! Where did you find them, I haven't seen them anywhere around me?!

  3. Hi CindyWindy! Keep growing out your hair. I watched this tutorial to figure it out:

    But let me know if you need more help!

    Cara, my jeans are the Citizens of Humanity Thompson jeans (medium rise cropped skinny). I got them from a local boutique called Uniquities. They were on sale, though, and I just checked their site--they're no longer on there! Nordstrom has some beautiful colored denims right now:

    I looked on Forever 21's site too because I keep seeing these gorgeous yellow ones that other bloggers are wearing, but I think those were older too because they don't have any colored denims on their site at all. Best of luck!