Tuesday, February 14, 2012

London Calling

So after almost a full week of work, Friday-Sunday I had time for sightseeing in London. I've never spent extra time there, even though I've been to the UK more than a handful of times. That meant packing in as much as possible! Which I always do even when I tell myself over and over to put in some relaxing time.
Day 1 outfit: Hat - Nordstrom, Scarf - Nordstrom Rack, Pink tee - Pac Sun, Cardigan - J. Crew, Jeans - Gap, Sneakers - Puma
It was actually sunny! And not warm...but definitely not freezing with that nice sun out! I went for a Shakespeare walking tour, then listened to a free audio walking tour from Rick Steves for the City of London, and finished with a Blood and Tears walking tour (serial killers, prisons, executions, that sort of thing). Since I didn't exercise all week while working (and ate all of those scones), it felt good to walk a lot!
Glad I had the hat for extra warmth and to avoid the blinding and surprising sun!
Day 2 was filled with...too much walking.
But seeing Big Ben was probably my favorite thing!
Outfit look familiar? I wore the same thing on Haturday a couple of weeks back. But the black coat is Gap, the changed out purse is from Target.
Check out this Beefeater's outfit! Very sharp-looking.
I started out at the Tower of London (guys, more than just a tower--who knew?). My favorite part of touring around there was seeing the Crown Jewels! Gorgeous. There was a scepter there with a diamond on top that was bigger than a chicken egg. And a gold punch bowl (you know, for parties and such) that was roughly the size of my car (maybe that's an exaggeration. But just by a little.). Then it was off to St. Paul's Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and Parliament, the Tate Modern, and lastly a Jack the Ripper walking tour. See? Too much walking.
Green turtleneck - J. Crew, Brown hooded sweater - Zara, Purse - Target, Jeans - Gap, Boots - Jeffrey Campbell
Shoe change! The cobblestones killed my feet on Day 2, so I went for something sturdier for my final day.
Also, the strap on my crossbody bag shortens--so convenient when traveling to have options.
Day 3 started out at Buckingham Palace where they canceled the Changing of the Guard. I was so bummed! I trotted over to Harrod's to make myself feel happy again :) I stayed there for hours, and loved it. The food area was fun, the clothes were gorgeous, even the bathrooms and escalators were elegant. I ended the day at the British Museum, using another Rick Steves audio tour to see the highlights.
Whew! Big trip!
Have you been to London? What did I miss that I must go back for?


  1. Wow you got to see and experience a lot in such a short amount of time. Good planning both for the sites and the wardrobe!

    1. Thanks! I definitely crammed in as much as possible. Super tired and glad to be home at the end of it all!