Monday, February 20, 2012

Book locket

I have a husband that pays attention.
Silk blouse - J. Crew, Green cardigan - Gap, Black blazer - American Eagle, White watch - Michele Watches, Jeans - Gap, Boots - Luxury Rebel
I showed him a necklace weeks ago, and was surprised to get it as a Valentine's Day present!
Book locket - Kate Spade
Then the day after Valentine's Day, he told me how much he likes my hair in this messy braid.
He pays attention to hair too?!
I'm a very lucky lady.
By the way, does this count for the "Books" portion of "A Books & Clothes Diary"? I hope so....


  1. Sure this counts for books, you gave it a glowing review. Besides you got that goodreads app on the sidebar, so technically all of your posts count for books.

    1. Thank goodness for that app! I definitely plan to review more books, though.