Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Go Giants!

Friday at work we celebrated the upcoming Super Bowl by wearing our team's gear.
Shirt - Husband's, Belt - Primark, Jeggings (that's right--I said jeggings) - American Eagle, Boots - Frye
Guess who I was rooting for?
The winners, of course.
The Giants aren't so much my team as they are my Husband's, but I guess I've adopted them as my own.
He was thrilled to lend me this shirt.
Did you watch the game? It was exciting, especially the last quarter, and I was thrilled that the Patriots lost!


  1. This is without a doubt my favorite outfit yet. You have to find a way to incorporate into your regular rotation. At least in the fall and winter rotation. This game was one off the most exciting games I've ever seen. You picked a great time to become a fan.