Monday, February 6, 2012


I know, I know. I have been MIA forever, and I was super MIA before too, since basically the end of December. Ack, time is flying by. And I'm forever playing catch-up.
Scarf - Missoni for Target, Vest - American Eagle, Tank - Pac Sun, Shirt - Gap, Jeans - Citizens, Boots - Some shoe store in the UK
I wore this the day before traveling and realized halfway through the day that I should have worn this while traveling.
Layers! And comfortable! A vest that can turn into a pillow!
Instead I wore this for wrapping up work and piling up outfits for the trip.
And wow there were piles of outfits.
I was happy for my outfit planning and advanced folding when I realized Saturday afternoon my flight was an hour earlier than I thought it would be, giving me approximately half an hour to throw everything in, change purses, and double-check everything.
No heat curls hairdo, Cardigan - Banana Republic, Gingham button-down - J. Crew, Cargo skinnies - American Eagle, Boots (not pictured) - Jeffrey Campbell
And this is my travel outfit. Still with the layers, still comfortable. And this is a great overnight flight hairdo--out my way, and when I landed, I could just shake it out and look fabulous. Sorry for the one and only picture--I was a bit tired for picture-time.


  1. Only you can layer with so many different colors and types of clothing, you make it look great!

  2. Thanks! It helps to have probably too much clothing in my closet!