Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Haturday - 4 February 2012

Have I mentioned my love of berets yet?
Hat - Target, Scarf - Burberry, Shirt (underneath) - Ann Taylor Loft, Gray dress - Forever 21, Blazer - Nordstrom, Socks - Target, Boots - Frye
I love soft knit ones. And while I love this soft color pink, I don't actually own a lot of soft pink? (How did that happen? I'm so girly you would think I would have it everywhere....) I managed to pull it together for this Haturday, though!
This soft scarf ties it in well.
Pulling together all of the grays, browns, and pinks?
My shirt that's just peeking out.
Saturday was a great day--I caught up with my parents over dinner, then got in some shopping!


  1. Love the outfit, all the tones are so soft and each piece makes me want to cuddle up with its softness.

    1. Thanks! I have a weird amount of strong, bright colors, but not a lot of soft ones. I felt the same way when I wore this!