Thursday, February 9, 2012

High tea

So when I travel to the UK for work, we generally leave Saturday evening and arrive Sunday morning, just in time for breakfast after unpacking. Then it's a trip to the co-op for food at our flats, and nap time. Then...
OMG, OMG, tea time!
Front and center is a sweet potato pie, when it should be the scone to the right and behind it. Clotted cream there in the middle, some more desserts, and lovely little sandwiches to the left (ham, cucumber, smoked salmon, and egg salad). It's always a lovely time and probably my favorite food experience when I go to the UK. It helps that we have tea at a cozy little hotel, complete with candles and fireplaces.

What was I wearing? Doesn't really matter. But I went for comfort, when usually I try to wear something a bit fancier.
No heat curls!, Brown faux fur sweater - Zara, Black top - Forever 21, Cream cami underneath - not sure, Blue jeans - J Brand, Boots - Jeffrey Campbell
Not overly fancy, usually, but more like a work outfit.
100% could not deal with it on this day, though.
It didn't help that I really limited my work outfits in my overly heavy suitcase.
Only two work skirts! They could not be spared for high tea!
I highly recommend getting high tea some time, even if you never go to the UK. Look for it at your closest fancy hotel.


  1. Wow your high tea plate looked delicious!

    1. So yummy! I always wish my stomach could fit more!