Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sunshine cleaning

You guys! Sunday here (the entire weekend really) was freezing cold! (Saturday was so cold, in fact, that I wore sweats and cleaned the house. I know.)
Scarf - Burberry, Gray coat - Banana Republic, White tee - Splendid, Yellow cardigan - Gap, Jeans - Destination Maternity, Boots - Vince Camuto
I was actually going to wear a red leather jacket instead of the gray coat and put on a different red-accented scarf, then submit this for Bloggers Do It Better: Red. Nope.
I do love this coat, though, so it's fine. Sister has the same one!
Also, I kind of forgot how much I love bright yellow?
How could I forget? Never forget.
It's so cheery! And though I don't expect it to, seems to flatter my skin tone.
I should incorporate it more into my wardrobe!
Do you have a favorite color that you wear often (or should wear more often)?


  1. The cheery yellow with your cute hair is adorable!

    1. Thanks! Milk braids is one of the easiest but cutest hairstyles!