Wednesday, February 15, 2012

B-I-G N-E-W-S! Big news!

Have you noticed anything different about me lately?
Flower pin - Nordstrom Rack, Vest - American Eagle, Striped shirt - Destination Maternity, Capris - Destination Maternity, Boots - Luxury Rebel
Besides not posting as frequently? (Which is partly explained by my actual big difference.)
Scarf - Necklush
Well, when I wrote this post, I actually had just become a mama, at least I had just recently found out!
That's right--there's a bun in this oven.
I've kept it quiet for a long time, mainly for privacy for me and my family, and I wanted to hit the 12 week mark first. Plus I've been so tired that I wasn't posting anyway, even if I wanted to share my news. So sorry for the infrequent posts, but there was a really, really good reason! I'm starting to get back to my old schedule, so I expect to post regularly again. If I'm not, well, now you know the reason why.

I'm still wearing a lot of my usual clothes, but this post features pants and a top from Destination Maternity, which I bought the day before, with the help of Husband and funnily enough, an old manager of mine who now works at that store! It was fun sharing the news with her then having her help to buy a lot of things!


  1. Congratulations to you, and your family. All of those excursions thorough the maternity department are going to pay off now.

    1. Thanks, Robert! And now I definitely need to explore the maternity department more....