Thursday, February 9, 2012

UK work outfit #4

As promised! Outfit #4, a close version of the not-pictured outfit #2.
Gold headband - Primark, Fifi Lapin scarf - Charlotte Russe, Orange polka dot blouse - Banana Republic, Purple cardigan - Banana Republic, Skirt - Express, Brown tights - Target, Boots - Sam Edelman
The only differences? Outfit #2 included a light blue polka dot blouse and a different colored cardigan (color escaping my memory).
I tried to pack smart!
Similar outfits are a bit boring, but because I was taking a few extra days for fun, tourist time, I was limited in suitcase space.
And I planned on going shopping too!
Since last year's shopping ban, I've really gotten the shopping bug out of me, to the point where I don't even miss it. But! I knew I had to stop by Primark for some accessories (unavoidable, really).
Full of goodies!
I walked away with one shirt (it has a flamingo print!), two scarves, six belts, and a new and improved hair bump-it (no lie, and I've already used it twice since being home).


  1. WOW 6 belts!! can't wait to see those, I love this outfit, the shape and colors are great, who knew that tan skirt with purple and orange/white polka dots could go so well!

  2. They have super cheap accessories there, so I had to load up!