Monday, January 16, 2012

Haturday - 14 January 2012

Last month I debuted Haturday, then managed to not wear any hats since (again, holidays, sick, blah). But I'm not going to beat myself up because I never intended to wear hats every Saturday, as much as I do love them. But finally, another Haturday!
Trapper hat - American Eagle (Present from Sister, Gray sweater (technically a sweater dress, but folded and scrunched up) H&M, Quilted scuba jacket - Kenneth Cole, Jeans - J Brand, Boots - Some shoe store in the UK
Technically, this outfit both celebrated Haturday and whatever Hat-pun day we can think to call Sunday because I was feeling lazy and wore this twice. Whatever, I barely left the house and when I did, it was cold.
And this is hands-down the warmest hat on the planet. Or in my closet. Whichever.
Do you have a trapper hat that you love?
Because you should! They're fun, casual, and warm. And will illicit a lot of compliments.

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