Monday, January 16, 2012

Hair bow

Husband and I took off Monday together for some extra, after holiday relaxing time, but it also helped me a lot in getting over whatever crazy cold I've been dealing with for weeks. We did manage to get to the movies to watch The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (American version). Have you read the book? It's worth a read! I also spent some time watching hair tutorials on YouTube (one from here, and lots from here, though they're in Japanese), which is maybe one of my favorite lounging at home activities.
And I learned to turn my hair into a cute bow!
How cute is this? Yes, it's very girly, but it's also a fast, simple up-do that looks impressive.
Silk blouse - J.Crew, Black cardigan - Gap outlet, Cheetah belt - dEliA*s, Purple pencil skirt - Nordstrom, Silver cuff - Present from In-Laws, Boots - Uggs
Do we have any opinions on my lipstick? Sometimes I try to be That Lady with the Fabulous Red Lipstick, but I decided that I just have the wrong coloring for it. So now I'm trying to this bright pink, fuchsia-looking color.
Leather jacket - Michael Kors, Scarf - Present from Mom
Are you known for having killer hair? Or being able to carry off bright red lips, a la Gwen Stefani? I would love to hear what others are known for (or want to be known for).


  1. Love love the pink colored lipstick, noticed it right away without reading your post. Super cute middle pic, love the bun, you'll have to show me sometime.

  2. Thanks! I've gotten some compliments about the lipstick, but mainly people at work have been silent about it. I couldn't decide if they're tired of my experimentation or if they hated it!