Monday, January 16, 2012

So then I was sick...

...and while I did go to work, I looked terrible, and didn't take any pictures to document this. One day I wore a gray maxi skirt, a blue and white turtleneck, and gray cardi Uggs, making me look like, well, essentially a giant walking blanket. It was a new sartorial low for me. Once I started to feel better, I thought, I need to start dressing like my real self again.
Pink shirt dress/tunic - bebe, Gray sweater dress - Forever 21, Black belt - Lacoste, Tights - Target, Gray booties - Vince Camuto
A dress! Color! My favorite boots!
Hair in a fun bun! I'm back!
Super hot leather jacket!
Leather jacket - Michael Kors
Ahhh, feels good. Then the next day, a Friday, I felt kind of sick again, like I overindulged in being me.
Yellow turtleneck - American Eagle, Leopard belt - dEliA*s, Red pants - Citizens of Humanity, Boots - Some shoe store in the UK
I still tried to stay colorful!
And accessorize! And have a kicky ponytail!
But I kind of felt cruddy anyway. No matter! It was Friday--wheee!
I will take a sick Friday over a sick Monday any time.


  1. Its sucks feeling cruddy but you still look good doing it!

  2. Thanks! Glad I'm feeling better (just busy, busy, busy)!