Thursday, December 8, 2011

Socks + clogs = Pseudoboots

Another crazy warm day on Wednesday. And though the last few days have threatened us with rain, it had yet to appear. So I said buh-bye to boots, and hello to my clogs!
Dress - Nordstrom Rack, Gold leaf necklace - Arden B., White watch - Michele Watches,  Knee socks - Forever 21, Clogs - Frye
Clogs, you say?
It's more obvious in the pictures with flash.
I had a couple of people comment that they thought I was wearing boots because of the perfect color match of these socks and clogs.
Forever 21 is so great for picking up socks and belts.
And then guess what, guys? Poured rain. It waited until the evening but it was ridiculous.


  1. I still absolutely love this dress!

  2. Me too! I love the pattern, the colors, how it falls. Can't believe this silly rooster dress is now one of my favorites!