Saturday, December 10, 2011

Patterns ahoy

It's been extra cold the last few days, and I was still in a birthday mood, so I had to pull out my own birthday present...
Scarf - Burberry (the birthday present, from Husband), Floral shirt - the Limited, Blazer - Nordstrom, Belt - dEliA*s, Jeans - Gap, Boots - Naughty Monkey
I have long wanted this scarf, and was very lucky to get it as a present.
It's made up of the softest blue, pink, purple, cream, and brown.
I played off the little bit of pink in the scarf and put on this shirt, then thought, Great, I can wear my brown blazer!
I never realized how little brown I had in my closet...until I couldn't find anything to go with this blazer!
The beige in the floral shirt plays with the beige and brown blazer. Beige and brown...what does that remind us of?
Leopard print, of course! Throw in the belt!
I get extra time on weekends to experiment with my hair too. I did two French braids, one on each side of my head, meeting in the middle for a low ponytail. I was trying to do the boho braid, as featured on the beauty department, but I didn't start with wavy hair and didn't tease it properly. Ugh, so many hair pics make me want to get long bangs.


  1. Love your birthday present from your husband, its beautiful and a great contrast to your floral top and leopard belt. You are such a good pattern mixer!

  2. Thanks, Cara! I do love to pattern mix! Which is so weird because just a couple of years ago I barely owned any patterns at all. But I keep things forever (that shirt's from high school), find great deals ($10 belt!), and I'm very lucky to get such great presents to round out my closet.