Thursday, December 15, 2011

The pants mean business, my friends.

What do you do when you have a professional luncheon to go to, the weather warms up, and you haven't shaved your legs in forever and a day (what?! It's been cold. And my legs get itchy shaving too often)?
Floral headband - Missoni for Target, Cashmere top - J.Crew warehouse sale, Blazer - Nordstrom, Pink belt - American Eagle, Brown pants - Express, Boots - Franco Sarto
You pull out your Editor Slacks or whatever the heck Express calls them. And a blazer. You know, with elbow patches.
Damn, girl, you're thinking, that is super professional. I know.
But because I wanted to have some color and I didn't really care to impress and network (what? I didn't. You're lucky I didn't show them my hairy legs.), I went with a pink belt and floral headband.
I swear I didn't have my belly hanging out all day at least, like it is in this pic.
Maybe it was the headband, maybe it was the amount of meetings (and this lunch thing) I had going on, but I just felt like a little kid playing grown-up all day. Actually, I won't so much blame the headband. I think sometimes at work, people have meetings just to have meetings. And nothing real is said, no real solutions. Like if Child was playing "Work", she would probably have the same conversations I had today. Hope your day was more productive than mine!


  1. I need to find a way to incorporate it into more outfits!