Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's December?!

Whoooeeee, it's like I never recovered from my busy Wednesday. Because now it's Sunday night and I'm finally getting around to posting Thursday through Sunday, plus fave of the week.
Cardigan - Anthropologie, Dress - Proenza Schouler for Target, Coral socks - Forever 21, Boots - Frye
I was thrilled to find another way to wear this dress, plus a way to wear this cardigan, period. The colors are gorgeous, but its length really requires a dress for it.
But I could never really figure out what exact dress because the colors are tricky!
I threw on the coral socks at the last minute and regretted it when I saw the colors in the pictures. The coral was just to strong, and a fuchsia would have been more appropriate, as it was the binding color in the cardigan and dress. By the way, do we call this thing a cardigan? Should I just call it a sweater?

In other news...I tried the fishtail braid again, this time going with thinner strands of hair. I think it turned out better!
Should have teased my crown, though, as my hair looked pretty flat.

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