Sunday, December 4, 2011

Decorating the tree

Saturday was pretty low-key. Child, Husband, and I got out the ol' Christmas tree and decorated it.
Headband - Missoni for Target, Striped hooded shirt - American Eagle, Yellow necklace - Nordstrom, Green cargo skinnies - American Eagle, Yellow and beige striped socks - Forever 21
It was a fun time for the most part. Especially eating warm-from-the-oven snickerdoodle cookies during a mini-break.
The tree is in our super casual hangout room, where maybe we watch movies. Hence, the movie poster.
I love seeing the tree all lit up after decorating is done!
That and the Christmas music we play while decorating really puts me in the spirit.
I swore at some point I wore shoes (these boots, in fact), but I didn't get pictures of that. I was too busy having a fabulous dinner with my hysterical parents (you guys were in a really good mood yesterday) and getting some shopping done!

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