Thursday, December 22, 2011

Grown lady

The weather's been freakishly warm, so more bare arms for me.
Crocheted top - Handmade, passed to me from Mom, Silk blouse - J.Crew warehouse sale, Pearls (can't see in the pics) - Present from Parents, Pants - J.Crew warehouse sale, Gold heels - Salvatore Ferragamo
I've been wanting to wear this cropped top for a while with these high-waisted pants.
Complete with pleats, of course.
What? You need a close-up of my shoes?
Oooh, shiny.
I've been trying to wrap up some end-of-year things at work, but I've mainly been thinking, Almost Christmas break, almost there...just one more day! Then a whole week off for me--whee!


  1. I totally support your right to bare arms.
    Enjoy your Christmas break.

  2. LOVE the paperbag top pants! They are too cute, and I do love them with the cropped top and sweater. Lovely pumps!

  3. Adorable! Hard to pull off look too, love the shiny shoes!

  4. Robert, this is a killer pun. Thanks for the compliments, Cara and Cindy!