Thursday, December 15, 2011

Camera shy

So sometimes when I take my own pics, I like to experiment with poses and facial expressions.
A coy "look at my outfit" look: Hat - H&M, Denim jacket - Gap, Pink sweater - Martin + Osa (oh, how I miss you), Purse - Burberry Prorsum, Maxi dress - Gap Outlet, Clogs - Frye
This pose and face says, "Attitude."
While this next one clearly says,
"I was trying to spin around and nearly tripped on my giant clog."
Had a fun night Tuesday meeting the family and a new friend for dinner. We had yummy Mexican food and maybe a margarita or two.
The "I need to do something with my arms" look.
It's nice to look forward to Tuesday night plans! It makes the beginning of the week less painful. Hope everybody else is having a good week!