Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Review and Wear Wednesday: Irma Voth

You know what has been really exciting about this year's spring season? It actually happened in NC. We had moderate temperatures and rain!
Black and white scarf - Primark, Green cardigan - Gap Outlet, White tank - Target, Gray skirt - Express, Flip-flops - Rainbows
One could layer, wear scarves, do whatever!
Wear a hat! Hat - American Eagle
This day's outfit was inspired by Irma Voth, a book by Miriam Toews, who seems to be a bigger author in Canada.
Gray! Green! Stars!
Gray! Green! Stars! (No orange, though...but belly!)
Miriam Toews is a beautiful writer, just a bit too scattered for me. The thing is, I know there's potential for me to like her....

The second half of the story--when our main character and her younger sisters flee to Mexico City--isn't disjointed, we're finally getting somewhere. The characters are facing their problems, moving forward in their lives, I am clicking with this book. But, ooph, the first half felt like this: main character vaguely talking about her family and estranged husband, we're hanging out in a house with a bunch of people making a movie (I can't keep these people straight the entire time), maybe now we're in a field between takes while somebody says something profound, and repeat.

It feels like Toews went on a writing retreat, wrote either the first half or second half completely through, then let it sit and simmer for a year or so, decided how to begin or end it. Better editing, Toews and Editor!

3/5 stars.

Speaking of my fellow Americans, I hope you're having a fun Fourth of July! I am approximately a month behind in posting outfits, but a patriotic outfit will surely spring up eventually!

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