Monday, July 9, 2012

Manicure Monday: Pink and Red

Welcome to my humble blog a new facet of fashion, Manicure Mondays! I've already said how being pregnant makes you focus on things like hair and makeup to keep feeling pretty, so I was hanging out at the beauty department for ideas and got inspired by all of their nail tutorials. I especially loved their idea to use paper reinforcement stickers to create patterns and layers of color.
Purse - Tokidoki for LeSportsac
I hope to branch out and take pictures along the way and make my own tutorials. Here are the steps without pics, though! (I didn't bother to push and cut cuticles because I wasn't feeling that advanced yet. So jumping right in!)
  • I used Sally Hansen's top and base clear coat. After letting it dry for 15 minutes or so (maybe that's too long, but I didn't know how long to wait and I was just reading a magazine anyway)...
  • I used a pink nail polish. I only did one coat because it went on pretty well and I figured half of it would get covered up anyway once the other polish went on. After waiting for probably 30 minutes (I really wanted that stuff to be dry)...
  • I put on the reinforcement stickers at about the halfway point. I probably should have cut them to make it easier to stick completely across my nails, but I forgot. 
  • Use your next color (red, in my case) and polish the top half. Then I waited probably 30 minutes again for it to dry before...
  • I peeled off the stickers, and voila! Beautiful nails. Well, nearly. I touched up some edges that looked goofy where the sticker hadn't completely stuck to the nail. I waited another 15 minutes and...
  • I applied the same top/base clear coat for shine and protection.

The manicure lasted a week (probably could have gone longer but I was eager to try another manicure) and got a lot of compliments. My favorite part was colorblocking pink and red!

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