Friday, June 15, 2012

Hair did

Being pregnant and a bit bored with my clothes, I'm trying to focus more on my hair. That doesn't go well all the time either (so don't expect to see perfect hair everyday) because of my lack of time (extra time = sleeping more), but I'm trying!
Don't forget hair accessories, like my favorite purple headband from Nordstrom.
And there's a familiar-looking dress!
Headband - Nordstrom, Dress - Forever 21, Black tank - Target, Black leggings - Roots, Sandals - Dolce Vita
All of my dresses have gotten a bit short in the front. When I'm really paranoid about it (or it's just plain unavoidable), I grab some leggings.
Empire waist dresses are a pregnant lady's best friend. Next to leggings. And pretty hair.

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